Cátia Batalha Castel-Branco was born and is based in Lisbon. From a very early age, her love for image and people led her to start creating and developing creative projects, when she was still at school. Since then, Cátia has worked in various areas including fashion, advertising and art, as a creative, producer, stylist, director and photographer. In 2007 she completed a course in photography at ETIC, a school certified by the Pearson Business and Technology Education Council, and photography become her main focus, participating in various group and solo exhibitions. Simultaneously, her photography work has expanded into books, editorials and advertising campaigns. In 2011, Cátia founded WINK Lifestyle Magazine, distributed across 3 continents by a Portuguese hotel chain. For 10 years she has been the photographer, creative director, producer and editor-in-chief of the publication. However, the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic in 2020 led to the discontinuation of this revered project. Undeterred, Castel-Branco embarked on new creative chapters and collaborations within the realm of arts. Her progressive image creative work is marked by an intense and provocative imagination and her continuous search for originality.

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